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Our Mission

Are you seeking a place to connect?


Looking for peace or direction in your life? 


Searching to create some authentic friendships who care?

" To Love Christ and bring others to His Love"

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        Our Vision 

"Together, with God, we can change the our world through the Gospel as we live out our God-given purpose and potential. "

                      Our Core Values

 1. A Purpose-filled life is possible as I respond to God's grace by faith.       Ephesians 2:8 - 10. 

2. A Purpose-filled life is attainable as Jesus Leads by His Word and Spirit in all areas of my life.  Matthew 6:33

3. A Purpose-filled life is visible as I love and serve others through the gifts and abilities that God give to me.

1 Peter 4:8 -11

4. A Potential-filled life can be realized as I share Jesus’ love and invest myself in the lives of others. Matthew 28:19-20